Boost Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs with Better Customer Conversations

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center cloud-based software integrates “out-of-the-box” with the Zendesk desktop to control customer interactions over phone, chat and email.

  • Accelerates help ticket creation by pre-filling in the customer’s data for agents.

  • Logs each interaction automatically for customer history and agent performance tracking.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center offers multichannel integration with Zendesk. The integration supports phone, voicemail, and chat channels allowing you to access data from Zendesk through an integrated interface.

Learn how 8x8 can supercharge your Zendesk experience!

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8x8 Virtual Contact Center Software enhances customer relationships and saves money:

  • Control customer conversations from within the Zendesk environment.

  • Make your agents smarter by sending critical customer and ticket information to the agent's desktop with the customer call